Wet Cleaning is an environmentally friendly and safe process using water and non- toxic bio-degradable detergents. Wet Cleaning in our modern washers using special programs, is gentler than hand washing or home washing. The drying process, using special moisture sensitive dryers, ensures your garments will be soft to the touch and kind to sensitive skin. Pressing is done on special equipment, ensuring your clothes retain their original shape.

If you would like to make sure your clothing is cleaned with this process ensure you do not purchase clothes with DRY CLEAN ONLY lables on them.  Wet cleaning still uses water and at Cotty's we follow the manufacturers instructions, that water cannot be used to clean a Dry Clean Only garment.

There are reasons for the Dry-Clean only label on garments you purchase.

Color - The dyes used to color your garments sometimes dissolve in water or solvent. A dye which is applied using water can usually come out in water but is colorfast when Dry-Cleaned. There are however items that are labeled to be washed which contain dyes that can weaken in the dry-cleaning process.

Shrinkage – Some materials contain fibers which are made from the hair of different animals. Examples of these are wool, angora and cashmere. The fibers when magnified look similar to the old fashioned antenna’s that you could collapse with one section sliding into the next. These fibers that are prone to shrinkage tend to retract in water unless specially protected with special chemicals. Dry-cleaning does not affect these fibers in a way that causes shrinkage and therefore is a preferred method for cleaning them.

Trim – There are some trims and glues used in manufacturing that can dissolve or be damaged in water. Interfacing that are applied inside some garments may also be affected and come loose or shrink in water.

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Pleating – The pleats on some materials are put in using different methods. Some are permanent and others are not. Water causes some pleats to disappear where dry-cleaning is usually safe and will not harm them.

Feel – Some materials are treated with special sizing’s which are
chemicals used to make a material feel a certain way. This feel is referred to as the “hand”. Water can be damaging to the hand or feel by removing some sizing’s applied during manufacturing thus making them feel limp or course. Dry-cleaning does not affect these water soluble sizing’s and leaves the clothes feeling soft and firm at the same time.

DRY CLEAN ONLY articles are the only garments that are cleaned with our state of the art Dry Cleaning Machines at Cotty's as per manufacturers instructions.
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